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If you wish to present a topic, make an announcement on the mailing list or contact us

We invite you to connect with us on Meetup.com

Chat with us in our #edmonton-lug IRC channel on the irc.freenode.net server. If you have Chatzilla, you can just click the above link to join the channel. For other clients, connect to server irc.freenode.net and type /join #edmonton-lug

What is ELUG?

The Edmonton Linux Users' Group is based in Edmonton and open to anyone who is interested in or is running Linux. Joining ELUG is simply a matter of subscribing to the mailing list.

  • We have a mailing list, which is a good place to ask questions or maybe just introduce yourself if you are new to the Linux Community.
  • There are no regularly scheduled meetings. If you wish to make a formal presentation on a topic, contact us using the mailing list, and we would begin to organize a date and time.
  • For informal meetings, we invite you to connect with us on Meetup.com. Any meetings/presentations we do have are free for all to attend. Any Linux or Open Source related topics are welcome.
  • An IRC channel has been registered at irc.freenode.net: #edmonton-lug
  • There is a growing library of books to borrow and book reviews to read.
  • Some members have joined the SETI@Home quest in ELUG's name
Most Recent News


ELUG is no longer holding regular monthly meetings. If someone wishes to present a topic, we discuss on on the mailing list.

July 28, 2005

LSD's second annual Fall Installfest The U of A student group Liberating Students Digitally (www.digital-liberation.ca) will be holding the second Installfest of 2005 on September 16th and 17th in the Athletics Lounge, located in the middle of HUB Mall on the U of A campus. Installs will take place between 9AM and 5PM on both days.

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March 30, 2005

LSD is having another InstallFest The U of A student group Liberating Students Digitally (LSD) will be holding the first InstallFest of 2005 on April 8th and 9th at the ETLC building on the U of A campus.